Hi y’all.

I am Katy Jones: a natural red head, English teacher, avid planner user, story teller, and sarcasm guru.

I grew up a Navy brat, so moving around made finding “home” difficult. But Florida is where I have dug in my roots.I live in Florida’s best kept secret along the Gulf Coast with its emerald water, Pensacola.

As a high school English teacher, I do enjoy reading and writing. I am blessed to be able to teach others about my loves.

I love hot coffee, romantic comedies, long drives, starry nights, sounds of the beach, daisies, and really good pens.

I am mom to two cats, Dios and Whittaker, black and white, respectively.

The actual little, white desk does, in fact, exist. It has been with me since I was 12 years old (that’s about 18 years, for those of you counting). As my mom has said, “A lot of BIG dreams were developed, pursued, and accomplished at this white desk.” I thought it only appropriate to bring this desk with me to my next “dream.”

My dream and thoughts for this blog are to play to my strengths of writing about NOTHING. But fascinatingly enough, that NOTHINGNESS happens to be my life and I think you’ll find parts of entertaining (example anecdote: this morning I used my blush brush to apply my regular powder, and now I am orange).